Okay, maybe I haven’t been up to anything that awesome, but I’m back!

Sorry for disappearing for a long time there… Y’all may know that I’m the Production Manager at Enclave Publishing, so when Enclave was acquired by Oasis Audio in January 2022, my responsibilities there increased in number and in scope. I’m so grateful for everything surrounding that—even the monkey wrenches along the way that unfortunately took time from other priorities in my life, including writing and updates like this one.

I don’t want to send out newsletters when I don’t have something significant to say, and thus my not sending one in so long, but I finally have a few exciting things to share!

For example… I recently signed my first contract with a publisher for a new short story! Stay tuned for updates.

If you’d like to cut ties with such a fickle creative, I fully understand. But if you want to stick around, this phoenix is back with a brighter flame than before.

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