Half off signed copies of Sentinel

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I just got a shiny new batch of Sentinel paperbacks in yesterday! To celebrate the upcoming release of Arbiter (I'm just about to finish writing it, and I might even survive), I'm giving 50% off signed copies of Sentinel until this Friday, March 24, 2017 or while supplies last. Click here to order your copy [...]

Re-vamped Sentinel: Chapter 1

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  The metallic taste of blood swam in Darien’s mouth. His eyes drifted open and blurred a cracked windshield before him. Darien groaned and pushed off of the steering wheel. An airbag rested in his lap like a deflated pillow, and the car’s neon blue hood was hugging an umber-barked pine. And above the maze [...]

Emberhawk is complete! Beta season opens October 1st

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My latest manuscript, Emberhawk, is complete! This novel takes place roughly a thousand years before Sentinel in the same world. Kira never should have crossed the border. She knew better. It's really all Ryan's fault—that snarky enemy scout from a tribe of wild fire-mages. Now they're both stuck in the forest with predators straight out [...]

Sentinel Chapter 1

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The rigid plastic chair resisted the teenager’s slouch as he held his cell phone discreetly under the plywood desk. He used only one hand to direct his video game character around the screen while the other hovered deceptively over a blank sheet of paper. But his eyes gave him away. “Darien,” a young woman’s voice [...]