Inspiration for the City of Peace

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Artwork by PeterPrimeLet's face it: the spiritual realm of kai'lani is a weird place. But what's cooler than floating islands? The City of Peace is the center of the creator Aeo's domain. Its ethereal walls, created by the deep magic of the archangel Kohesh's bow, surround the City safeguard his people. Above the City [...]

Zekk’s song

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Occasionally I'll hear a song and think it will fit one of my characters really well. In this case, I Feel So Alive by Capital Kings just suits Zekk Sorrowsong perfectly. Like, scary perfectly. WARNING: If you have not finished reading Arbiter, this will contain spoilers for you.  Like the song? Support the artists and [...]

Jet black? Jet fuel? Jet-puffed marshmallows?

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What is Jet Valinor named after? A color? A plane? Ooey gooey s'more deliciousness? Ignoring the fact that I just like the name, Jet's name refers to two things: his black hair and eye color, and his dark personality. However, there's nothing special about having black hair and eyes in Valinor; almost everyone does. There's [...]

What’s a Sorvashti?

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Sorvashti's name came about one summer when I worked as a photographer at a camp called Kanakuk. (By the way, the design of Jade Glen Serran Academy is based on the layout of the KAA3 campus—Kids Across America.) Another camp staff member named Vashti was part of the medical staff. Every time I went to [...]

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